Blade Smith

Pendal, a Blade Smith, and the NighT Guardian‘s daughter, has moved on from her comfortable home with her family beside the River Ohm.

She has explored other regions, visited Cavahn‘s monastery, and discovered the depth and power of her spirituality and become a priest of Cavahn’s order. She remains a priest of the Garfan monastic order which has provided her with her steely determination and terrifying abilities. Yet, she can see and appreciate the fine edge Cavahn’s order provides. She embraces the order and merges it with her own uniqueness.

She is recognized as a female warrior and Blade Smith of exceptional abilities.

She journeys to to the northern VodaKhan region intent on saving her mother from Assassination.

During her struggles, she is revealed as the Dekar-na Empress, the ruler to come. She will replace the Emperor. This book, Blade Smith is book 4 in the NighT Guardian adventure Series.

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