Shaman and Paganism

Shamanism is the oldest religion on the planet! 

In human existence it predates current day organized religions by many millennia. Shamans are traditional healers, guides and protectors. They are a universal expression of the interaction between people and the natural and super natural worlds. European cave paintings and carvings showing shaman date from the Paleolithic era and in 2016, a12,000-year-old grave of a female shaman has been uncovered in Israel.

Shamans have played an essential role in the defense of the psychic integrity of their community for thousands of years. They defend life, health, fertility, and the world of “light”, against death, diseases, sterility, disaster and the world of “darkness.” Fundamental is the shaman’s struggle against what we could call the powers of evil. Shamans are not only able to foresee the future, but change the outcome. As an example, shamans can find out where food or game is located for the community, or averting threats. This is a vital difference between shamanism and clairvoyance.[1]

These skills and abilities helped and protected their communities. However, when their dances, songs, and ceremonies were witnessed by ill-informed missionaries of western Abrahamic religions they were labeled as being possessed by the devil at a time when those applying the label had no comprehension, or, understanding of what an Altered State of Consciousness is.

In this book we look at what a Pagan and Paganism is and why some historic cultures such as Roman or Greek have “mythologies” when in fact they were Pagan animistic and polytheistic cultures but rarely called out for it today. 

We look at what a shaman and shamanism is and how they have evolved through different ages of absorption and persecution. 

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Mark Ashford, MSc,

Usui Tibetan Reiki Master and Teacher [IARP], Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner [CRA]

[1], “Shamanism, and soul retrieval – Spiritual House Cleansing.”

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