The Cardinal

A great schism has broken the church of Rome in two; a western church, traditional, and based in Rome. The other, the Eastern church is progressive, powerful, allowing female Cardinals, and ultimately, Popes.

Vampires and humans, an age-old cycle of prey and predator. Lady Challis, a vampire, has achieved immortality and in so doing has lived through all of human history. She saw the birth of a united Upper and Lower Egypt as consort of Pharaoh Narmer, and as a general in the mongol army of the Lord, Chinngis Khan, she rode the great Mongol at the head of thousands of warriors. The Mongol plateau and steppes were her home and happiest time. When the Crusades and persecutions of the innocents convulsed the Holy land, in the Middle ages, she was there.

In the middle ages, Lady Challis was a confident and friend of the only female Pope, Pope Joan. With the death of Pope Joan, Lady Challis started to plot and plan for millennia to achieve a female Pope, one who is openly acknowledged and successful.

Through the dark ages of religious persecution, Lady Challis guided and preserved her kind but now stands back from the world she has created. Immortality has brought power and wealth. Today, she is simply too powerful, too wealthy, to align with anyone group or be a member of a coven. None are large enough.

Into her impressive and massively fortified mansion, comes a female Cardinal from the Eastern Church, Cardinal Sophyra. The Cardinal has a request. She wants Lady Challis to assassinate her father the Eastern Pope and then help install her as the first female Pope in the East.

But, Cardinal Sophyra is not all she seems…

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