The Cardinal – A Good Night Kiss for a Child

The kiss a mother gives a child before they slip into their dreams, a kiss on the forehead, one on each eye, and one on the lips is a special gift that opens the doorway to that special world.

Elect-Si acquires a daughter and marries Manuel as her existence as Gatekeeper between the spirit world and the physical continues. But now she finds she is also the Gatekeeper of time. The past, the NOW, and the future, she can see the boundary and how unknown the future is and how those who exist in the past cannot be allowed to pass into the NOW, or the future.

Her marriage brings children of her own. Treasured and special in their own way they challenge her to blend all the duties of motherhood, protector of the NOW and the future with her mother’s plan to ensure a female vampire continues to sit on the Eastern Papal throne.

The plan is threatened by the appearance of vampire species, unknown until know who can pass on their enzymes, their venom, through ways other than biting with fangs as her mother and she does.

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