The Cardinal – Harvest the Fruit

In the Eastern Church a Female Pope reigns but it is not Lady Challis. It is the one she knew as Cardinal Sophyra.

Pope Sophyra is a vampire unlike like Lady Challis. Lady Challis, like a vampire from Hollywood bites with fangs to inject the essential enzymes that allow her to feed, enslave, or kill. Cardinal Sophyra is of a previously unknown species of vampire, she spits her enzymes or “venom.” When it lands on the victim, it seeps through the skin into the blood stream. Powerful, intelligent, and scheming she and her kind not only drink the blood of humans, they harvest the body their victims to feast on.

As Lady Challis and her daughter Elect-Si work to control Pope Sophyra, a third species of Vampire appears. Much closer to Pope Sophyra and the churches hierarchy, the agenda of this third species compromises the plans of Lady Challis and Elect-Si all at a time when the essential veil between the world of spirits, souls and our physical world is becoming thinner, and thinner. 

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