The Office is Closed V3.0

In 2013, I wrote and published a book on the subject of remote working:

The Office is Closed – Work Remote – Work from Home. How, and Why – January 2013.

The Office is Closed: Go Collaborate – Work from Home – May 2013

Since then, things have moved on, they have moved on a lot. The technology sections in the previous books was intended to show that the tools are available for teams to be widely dispersed, flexible and effective. Today those tools are mainstream and being widely adopted, even if the immediate impact is not to send people home working remotely, they are affecting the dynamics of the office and team collaboration in the office.

Team building in general and the special needs of remote teams have remained unchanged though the enhancement and implementation of updated and newer technology platforms has helped ease many of the earlier issues.

There is a new and expanded section dealing with commuting and electric cars. Did you know that electric cars are polluters in their own right regardless of the fact they do not have a gasoline or diesel engine? That the driver in the electric car next to you is making more of a statement about their status and the car being a status symbol than the environment?

One of the new questions that comes up in this eBook is not that we commute, or how we commute, but why are we still commuting?

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