The Practical Reiki Master

The Practical Reiki Master describes commons-sense ways to live with and use Reiki everyday.

Reiki has a very ancient Shaman heritage.

The heritage dates to a time long before Buddhism became the official religion of Tibet in the 7thcentury AD, a very long time before the early 1800’s and the discovery of the healing tradition in Sanskrit texts and Buddhist temples by Dr. Mikao Usui who is credited with bringing this wonderful heritage first to Japan, and then through his students, to Hawaii and the west.

The Shaman healing traditions assimilated by early Tibetan Buddhism, Yogic traditions, and the power of Sanskrit as a written language to pass the oral Shaman knowledge down through history to us today is documented here.

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Mark is a Registered Teacher and Practitioner for the Canadian Reiki Association

Canadian Reiki Association Log

Canadian Reiki Association Log

Mark is a Registered Master Teacher for the International Association of Reiki Professionals.

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