The Practical Shaman – Discovering the Shaman in You

This book is an introduction to understanding your own Spiritual Awakening, discovering the Shaman in you, and shamanism in the wider sense. It ends with The Tibetan Book of the Dead and how spiritual awakening and shamanism helps you through the last event of your physical body and your rebirth into the next existence.

Yes, that is true, there is a shaman in all of us. For some it is more open and dynamic, it is a facet, an ability that expresses itself with the stage of our own spiritual awakening. This book starts with information and the stages of spiritual awakening. Spiritual awakening is not expressed in terms of the major Abrahamic religions, Christianity, Catholicism, and Judaism. An adherent of these religions who becomes spiritually awakened views the changes in themselves as an expression of God within the confines of their religion. Such an awakening for an adherent of a Hinduism, Jainism or Buddhism or the Buryat people for example, would see the changes within their context.

Context is important. A shaman today is consistent with the society in which they live. In past centuries, a shaman who has a bear as an animal spirit guide might wear a bear skin during ceremonies. This would be unacceptable today. However, wearing a bear claw on a cord, under a shirt meets the needs of both the modern shaman and being consistent with the society in which he/she lives.

This book is part of The Practical Shaman series, which includes broad introductions into shamans and shamanism. This book concentrates on reincarnation and the beliefs and rituals that surround the soul. This book is connected to an episode of The Shaman Podcast.

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Mark Ashford, MSc,

Usui Tibetan Reiki Master and Teacher