A Red Snow Flake

A Red Snow Flake is winter-warfare, like the harsh northern season it is brutal.

Pendal witnesses her first large scale winter warfare. From a cliff edge she looks down on the ambush and destruction of Imperial forces sent to kill her. The northern winter is intense, brutal providing a beautiful back drop to the scene of premeditated carnage.

She is a spiritually guided female warrior, and priest. Her harsh upbringing in the monastery makes her determined to so succeed in any task. Single-mindedly she sets out lead a small, dedicated team of her personal guard to wage warfare on the forces sent north by the Emperor to find her.

As the ambush plays out below here, Pendal, comes to terms with the knowledge that the Emperor must die at her hand. With that, she understands she must rule. The future becomes clear and set in her mind, a vision of the future she must achieve. First, she must succeed in something new, winter-ware and personal combat.

A snow flake is blown up to her from an explosion below and it is strained with blood which sees as symbolizing her struggles to come.

In the forest she makes a spiritual connection with the most deadly predator of the northern forest and uses the link to help her find and kill the Emperor who is trying to escape the wrath of the great houses through the thick dense forests of the northern lands.

A Red Snow Flake is part of the NighT Guardian Series is Book 5, click on the link to purchase and immerse yourself in the adventure and this winter-warfare.

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